Five reasons to love the game of football

  1. 1. Its longtime history

    Football is a well known sport in the United States. Its history is well known as the game has been going on since November 6, 1869. Because its been around for so long cultures stemming from the sport have been developed, from the tailgates to the fans of the game doing their own little pre game rituals and beliefs.


    2. The Food!!!

  1. One thing  people can not die is the food! It does not matter who you are, if you go to a football game you will get hungry and want to eat. In fact even if you are not hungry you will still want to maybe grab a hot dog or burger or other things that may be on the grill and much more snacks. Everyone loves the food the game of football brings, whether you are at a tailgate or already in the stadium, or even if you are watching it with some friends in the comfort of your own home, you are almost guaranteed to eat good.

   3.  The Emotion of the game

  1. For people that have personally played the game of football they can tell you first hand how much passion and emotion goes into the game. Even if you have never played but still enjoy watching then you too have experienced  the ups and downs and the emotional roller coaster a typical football game takes you on. And it is for these reasons that people love the sport. The same game that can strike you in your heart and make you teary eyed  is the same game that can bring possibly your best joys, to even the over time thrillers and close games.

 4.  Helping its Community

Almost every NFL team does things in the cummunites that they represent or are station in do multiple things to help others struggling. They do different things ranging from putting money together and helping build new playgrounds for the kids that are under privileged. Another thing they do is donate and visit children suffering from Cancer, and other rare illnesses.


5. The connection you make

There are many people you meet through the beautiful game of football. Whether it is by becoming team mates, meeting coaches  and other people. Football is a sport that allows people to share a connection with one another. You never stop meeting when you a football fan, because different people have different favorite favorite NFL or even college teams. Even parents  can still meet and connect with other people and parents by coming to their children’s game. You never stop meeting people when it comes to football.






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